AMOR is a crypto token with own dating application

Show your love and empathy with decentralized AMOR Token.

With our flexibel minting future you will have control on circulating supply every day, every night. We will mint only so many AMOR Tokens what we have to cover, such as presale, staking rewards, marketing, listing, etc.

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AMOR Token Presale

Only 2% of max supply will be available for presale in 3 IDO phases.

Total presale amount: 1,000,000 AMOR Token.

Check out How to buy AMOR Token below.

IDO Phase 1 - 99,960 AMOR

1428 AMOR= 1 BNB

IDO Phase 2 - 200,000 AMOR

714 AMOR= 1 BNB

IDO Phase 3 - 700,000 AMOR

476 AMOR= 1 BNB


Available after IDO Phase 1

Available after IDO Phase 2

How to buy AMOR Token

This guide shows you how to buy AMOR Token during presale phases.


Prepare your crypto wallet

Install MetaMask or use any other wallet. Connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain. Supported wallets: MetaMask, imToken, TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect. Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain.

Add AMOR Token to your wallet

You will need to add AMOR Token to your wallet. Please use this smart contract address: 0x8ac01a8d80c3769a6cca7ac43b93ed206fcd9af8. Use "Add Token" button in your wallet.

Buy BNB Coin

Buy BNB on Binance or any other crypto exchange and withdraw it to your wallet. Please use Binance Smart Chain address - starts with 0x.

Connect wallet

Click on orange button "Connect wallet" and wait for synchronisation few seconds.

Buy AMOR Token

Add your desired amount of BNB to buy AMOR Token and click on circle button with arrows to confirm your transaction. After confirmation you will claim your AMOR Tokens to your wallet.

Exchanges after presale

After presale we will list AMOR Token on another exchanges, so you can trade AMOR for BTC, USDT, ETH, etc. The initial rate will be 1.5 USD / 1 AMOR. We will list AMOR Token on exchanges where is staking available, so you can earn up to 60% APY.


Stay tuned for our AMOR Dating app

Yes, we are crazy for love and crypto! In Q4 2021 we would like to bring you a totally new AMOR dating application.


60% from the future net profits of AMOR Dating app will be redistributed to all AMOR hodlers to their wallets every month.

AMOR Token Roadmap


AMOR Token presale will be available during June 2021 in 3 phases.

Listing on exchanges

Listing on centralized exchanges will take place during July and August 2021. We will select exchanges with staking program to offer AMOR Token hodlers the reward up to 60%  APY.

AMOR Dating application

We will launch in Q4 2021 own dating application for web, Android and iOS. The application will use AMOR Token as native dating currency.